Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Pipe Clamp

Made of A535 aluminum alloy, the aluminum slip-on clamps are lightweight and feature high strength, and are corrosion resistant. Polished finish keeps the surface bright and attractive, and the aluminum-magnesium alloy makes the clamps extremely durable, tough, lighter than the iron clamp, and require little long-term maintenance. Flexible, versatile and rigid. Designed for well-known Schedule 40 pipe. Suitable for a wide variety of tubular applications and structures such as film industry, amusement park, playground, recreational venue, contemporary store and restaurant, industrial guardrails, display and much more.

‧Lightweight and corrosion resistance, ideal for outdoor or harsh environment.
‧Quick and easy installation with a standard hex key, no special tools required.
‧No welding; no specialist labor required.
‧Fitting with 3/8” galvanized steel recessed grub screw with reverse knurled cup point.
‧Tapered-dome design for holding the set screws over their entire length.
‧Suitable for Schedule 40 nominal pipe 1-1/4" and 1-1/2".
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