Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions create a contract between you and KUPO (the “Agreement”). Please read the Agreement carefully.

1. When customers complete the registration on this website or start to use the service, it means that he/she has read and understood this Agreement and agrees to be bound by its terms, including but not limited to the current and future services provided by this website.
2. KUPO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Agreement at any time, and post the modifications or changes on this website. The revised or changed terms will be effective immediately upon posting such changes on this website. KUPO will not notify the customer individually of the changes and it is each customer’s responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes.
3. When the customers continue to use our service after any modification or change on this website, it means that the customer has read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change. If the customers do not agree with the modifications or changes, or do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, he/she should stop using our service immediately.
4. Any user of the Websites represents to us that he or she has reached the legal age of majority in the state, province or territory in which they reside. If you are between ages 13 and the legal age of majority, and continue to use the Websites, then your parent/legal guardian represents to us that he or she consents to this Agreement and its subsequent modifications on your behalf, and that she or he consents to your use of the Websites. A parent/legal guardian of a child between ages 13 and the legal age of majority is solely responsible for their child's use of the Websites, including all financial charges. We are not liable for any damages that may result from a user's misrepresentation of age. No one under age 13 is authorized to submit any information, including personally identifying information, on the Websites. Under no circumstances may anyone under age 13 use the Websites, except to browse. Parents or legal guardians of children under 13 cannot agree to this Agreement on their behalf.

1. When submitting an order, customers are required to provide the Seller with personal information, including but not limited to company name, first name, surname, email address, billing, delivery address, etc. All such information must be true, accurate and updated. Customers should accept all losses caused by inaccurate personal information provided by the customers.
2. Except to complete this transaction, KUPO guarantees the obligation of confidentiality between customers, and we will not provide, disclose or share Personal Data to or with third parties unless we have obtained your consent or such provision, disclosure or sharing of Personal Data is permitted under Applicable Laws.
3. KUPO retains the right to view or provide customer's personal information to the third parties in the following scenarios:
3.1 If we receive a request pursuant to legal proceedings such as a warrant, or if there is imminent danger to someone’s life or property such as a suicide threat or a bomb threat, we may disclose Personal Data to third parties including law enforcement agencies such as the police, or the court, pursuant to Applicable Laws.
3.2 When we need to enforce the terms of this Agreement, or when the customer violates the agreed terms.
3.3 When it is necessary for maintaining the normal operation and security of this website.
3.4 In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of KUPO, other customers, or other third parties.
4. Customers should keep their personal information, payment information (including credit card information) and membership passwords properly to avoid leakage. All behaviors after logging in to our website are regarded as the behavior of the account and password holder. KUPO shall not be responsible for all losses incurred due to poor management or negligence of the customer's own account and password.

1. Prices and product availability are subject to change at any time without notice. The delivery fee will vary depending on the destination, product, value (for insurance purposes), packaging, and the carriers selected by the customers. Some orders are shipped in multiple parcels.
2. The following measures will be taken if there is mispricing on this website.
2.1 If the actual market price is lower than the mispricing on this website, KUPO has the right to correct the wrong price and sell the product to the customers according to the correct price.
2.2 If the actual market price is higher than the mispricing on this website, according to different situations, KUPO reserves the right to charge the product at the correct price or the customers are allowed to cancel the order before product delivery.

Customer is fully responsible for all maintenance service including cleaning, lubrication, visual and manual inspection of the purchased equipment, the replacement of all expendable parts, minor adjustments, operating checks, and compliance with all recommendations, cautions, admonitions and warning set forth in the labels and published materials related to the equipment.

1. Once the customer makes an online purchase via this website, he/she agrees to the rules and policies specified in this Agreement. If there is any change in customer information (such as address and phone number), the customers should amend the information immediately and notify us before placing the order.
2. The product details and availability will be shown appropriately on this website. Customers should confirm all the information before placing the order. Once the order is placed, we will send an order confirmation email to confirm the order details (item, quantity, consignee information, etc.), and the order will be established after we receive your payment. If the error or defect is not caused by the equipment or production itself (i.e., not caused by the usage of the product or equipment), the order will not be allowed to be canceled, exchanged, returned or refunded after the product shipment.
3. For all the transactions on this website, customers should agree that the electronic transaction data and email will be recorded, which will be confirmation of whole transactions. If the customer finds the information is incorrect on the website, he/she should notify us immediately.

1. Once the order is placed, we will send an order confirmation email to confirm the order. The Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver the Products you ordered and your obligation to pay the price of the Products in full. The order will be shipped within 5 business days after the payment is received. All shipments will be sent from KUPO factory or warehouses, and the places of departure are subject to change without notice. Delivery fee (including, but not limited to, all costs of transportation, insurance, taxes) will be calculated in advance and charged to the customers on top of the order subtotal .
2. KUPO reserves the right to make the final selection of the carrier for all shipments. KUPO’s responsibility ends when the items are collected by the shipment carrier. The customer and/or consignee should inspect, examine, and inventory the shipment as it is unloaded. Any and all shortages and damages must be written on the Bill of Lading or Freight Bill and the customers need to notify the carrier immediately upon discovery of damages or shortages. All claims of merchandise damage in transit must be made to the carrier, however KUPO will assist customers in making and prosecuting their claims.
KUPO will not be responsible for delayed delivery and for the inability to perform to the extent caused by any contingency beyond its control including but not being limited to strikes, civil disturbances, accidents, disasters, or loss in transit by the carrier, and should these or similar contingency occur, KUPO may cancel any pending order or at its option, may suspend or limit its performance for the period of such contingency without penalty.
3. Customers should verify the delivery information before placing the order. If the delayed or failed delivery is due to the wrong information provided by the customer, he/she will be charged the actual total delivery costs.
4. The consignee can be any designated person or customer him/herself, KUPO will ship the order according to the delivery information (destination, contact name and number) provided by the customer. If the carrier returns the shipped packages to KUPO due to absence or even missed contact of the consignee, KUPO will have the right to cancel the order and deduct all the costs incurred in this delivery, and refund to the customer if there is still a balance.
5. If the consignee rejects the goods many times without any reasons, KUPO reserves the right to cancel all following orders from the customer, close his/her account, and even prohibit the customer from creating a new account permanently. We will also hold the legal right to claim compensation from this person.

1. When the ordered product is out of stock, both KUPO and the customer have the right to cancel the order and should notify the other party of the changes by email.
2. If the customer or consignee finds out there is a missing or short shipment, KUPO shall fulfill the remaining order or refund the part of the payment.
3. The customer or consignee should confirm whether the items and quantities are correct before ordering. If the error or defect is not caused by the equipment or production itself (i.e., not caused by usage of the product or equipment), the order will not be allowed to be cancelled, exchanged, returned or refunded after the shipment.
4. The customer or consignee should check the package and product carefully before use. If you find the product is defective (not caused by usage of the product or equipment) or there are shipping damages, please do not open the package or use the product or equipment, and contact us immediately. Any product returned without KUPO prior written consent will be rejected, the request for return letter must list the catalog number, purchase order number and quantity with the reason for the return, also if possible, provide clear photos or videos for analysis by our quality department prior to return.
5. If permission is granted for product return, the customer should keep all the products, accessories, gifts, original packaging, shipping carton and all accompanying documents or information complete in the return. If the products have been used, it will affect the customer’s rights to return, exchange or get refunds. Please inform us in advance if the product has been used, because you might have to pay partially for the repair or shipping cost. Once we receive the returned product and finish the inspections, we will replace the product or process the refund.

1. When you finish your order, KUPO will provide you with different payment methods to choose, and you should pay via the selected method. If you fails to complete the payment by the selected method within the required time, KUPO has the right to cancel the order.
2. You should confirm the correct items and quantities before ordering. If the error or defect is not caused by the equipment or production itself (i.e., not caused by usage of the product or equipment), the order will not be allowed to be canceled, exchanged, returned or refunded after the order shipment. If the product is defective (not caused by usage of the product or equipment), KUPO will refund via the original payment method.

1. In order to maintain good service, KUPO makes every effort to maintain the system in good operation. When we encounter an unplanned website outage, we will repair and resume its operation as soon as possible.
2. In the following circumstances, KUPO has the right to suspend or terminate the website service:
2.1 When the system is being repaired or under routine maintenance.
2.2 When the website is affected by force majeure, including but not limited to a natural disaster or other accidents, or when the Web hosting server undergoes systematic maintenance.
This system does not guarantee that the data entered or uploaded by the customer will be displayed normally, nor the correctness of the data transmission; if he/she finds any error or negligence in the system, please notify us immediately.

K. KUPO will back up the system data regularly, unless there is intentional or gross negligence, the customer should agree that KUPO will not be responsible for the data deleted by mistake or the data that fails to be backed up and stored.

1. All information, trademarks, logos, images, videos, sound files, links and other information (hereinafter referred to as "data'') contained in this website are for reference only, and all the information on this website will be changed at any time without further notice. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, KUPO does not warrant, expressly or implicitly, that such information is accurate. KUPO shall not be liable for any errors or omissions, also will not be liable for any damages (including but not limited to computer viruses, system failures, data loss) arising from the users. This website may include links to external websites that are not owned by KUPO. We do not provide any warranty or assume any responsibility for the content displayed on these external webpages. The customer will be responsible for the consequences if he/she continues to browse these pages.
2. KUPO does not assume any express or implied warranty responsibility and also does not guarantee the stability, security, error-free and uninterrupted service on this website. The customer should understand and bear all risks and possible damages of using this service.
3. KUPO does not take any responsibility for any force majeure factors that affect the normal operation of the network on this website due to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusions or outbreaks, or temporary shutdown due to government control, resulting in data leakage, damage, loss, theft or tampering, etc.
4. Under no circumstances shall KUPO be liable to any person for any loss or damage, including but not limited to lost profits, business interruption, loss of business data or other economic loss, personal injury or death, arising from the use of this website or any product, information or service on the website or otherwise.

Once the customer completes the registration on this website or starts to use our product or service, he/she will have full responsibility to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless to KUPO, including free from suffer any loss, claim, legal responsibility , damages, demands, costs and expenses (including all attorneys' fees) if cause by the customer violates any terms of this agreement.

Contents on this website may not be used, copied, sold, transmitted, modified, published, which may be covered by either patents, trademarks or copyrights of KUPO.

O. KUPO reserves the right to revise these terms of use at any time. The revised terms will be posted on this website without further notice to customers.

The interpretation and application of this agreement and the disputes related to this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China, Taiwan. Both parties agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.