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KUPO is one of the leading hardware solutions providers in the entertainment industry. We design, manufacture and distribute sophisticated products, including lighting and camera support, power connection, gear protection case, shopfitting display, lifting equipment and control systems.
For more than four decades, Kupo has established a well-recognized reputation for quality and innovation. Our customers are around the globe who work behind the scenes as the photographer, video and cine image-provider, theatre, concert hall, touring crews, and lighting designers. Kupo has forged its own path to the world by crafting innovative tools with unparalleled quality, sought after and shaped by industry professionals worldwide. To meet these professionals’ needs, we offer numerous patent products including quick release and locking C-stand, multi direction easy storage Click Stand, auto self-locking Wind-up stand, lever lock and release device for Kupole, anti-slip rosettes friction disc of Max Arms, quick action Telescopic Hanger and the list goes on. All Kupo products have been painstakingly machined so you know you can count on their incredible strength and durability in harsh production environments. They are so durable, in fact, that they create a history of their own through their many years of service. Moreover its reliability is credited for certificates such as TUV-GS, CE, UL and CUL for several electrical products and the most popular Wind-up stand, Clamps, Couplers and Safety Wire.


Our commitment to improvement is constant, we dedicate ourselves in creating Humanism, Quality, Invention and Safety to our people (both employee and customer), and our environment also to the booming content creation market. To those who work behind the scenes, we consider you, the content creator, a partner, integral to our innovative process. We greatly value your experience and listen carefully to both your needs and desires, which inspires us to create better tools to empower your professionals to capture and share exceptional content. Enjoy your ride with us, when it comes to helping you achieve your vision dream with KUPO equipment,

We like to say at KUPO: Never Let Go!
KUPO Motor
Nowadays KUPO AC Motor and EC Motors are widely used in many different applications ranging from house hold appliances, HVACR fields, kitchenware and electrical tools to medical equipment, with the potential for even more. The total demand for KUPO’s high quality motor in Europe, America, Oceania, and Asia is roughly 6 million per year.
KUPO Sensotex
KUPO Sensotex
In our liquid level sensor department, we focus on designing and producing precise electronic liquid level sensors for the automotive (trucks and buses), marine (boats and yachts), agriculture (farming machines), construction (excavators and forklift), and power generator industries. We dedicate ourselves to innovation, reformation, and advancement. With our strong teamwork, we have the ability to be an OEM supplier of liquid level sensors and provide custom designing services. We strive to continuously upgrade our liquid level sensors and offer satisfactory customer services. We sincerely invite you to join us and set the pace for the future together.
KUPO Contronik
KUPO Contronik
CONTRONiK, a synonym for gas safety and control technology, we devoted ourselves to designing, developing, and manufacturing of various gas valves, gas control systems, and related accessories with commercial presence in Europe, America, Oceania, and Asia. We offer comprehensive know-how, good quality and trend-setting innovations in the standard program or customized solutions for the control of combustion gas for industrial, commercial, and residential appliances.