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KUPO Hostress Tray Kit


KUPO Hostress Tray Kit

- Material: Aluminum
- Maximum Loading Weight: 35 kg
- Package Kit Included:
- Hostess tray x 1
- KSC-04: 6” Suction cup w/ a 5/8” (16mm) Baby Pin x 2
- 5/8” (16mm) Baby Pins w/ nut and washers x 2
- 5/8“ (16mm) stainless rods w/ 1/2”-13 Screw and Thread x 6
- KCP-290B: Gag Grip Head 2.5” x 2
- KCP-200: Grip Head 2.5” x 2
- RS-RR1408: Rope ratchet strap x 2
Please contact us to check the stock availability before placing the order!
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The Kupo hostess tray kit is primary designed for perfectly sliding a stainless steel plate less than 1.0mm thickness into the framework between rubber seal and window of vehicle for building up an aluminum cheese plate (14” x 20“ ) which can mount a camera or holding other equipment. To ensure the stability of tray, the offset support can be easy set up from the combination of suction cups, grip heads and 5/6”(16mm) baby stainless steel rods. Two safety rope ratchets are also included to make sure the tray wonʼt be popped out when hooked around from window and suction cups. In addition, this simple set up provides a great operating environment where you can get in and out of the vehicle without the inconvenience of dismounting the tray.
- Primary Designed for Perfectly Sliding a Stainless Steel Plate Less Than 1.0mm Thickness into The Framework Between Rubber Sealand Windowof Vehicle for Building Up An Aluminum Cheese Plate (14” X 20“ ) Which Can Mount a Camera or Holding Other Equipment
- To Ensure The Stabilityof Tray, The Offset Support Can be Easy Set Up from The Combination of Suction Cups, Grip Heads and 5/6”(16mm) Baby Stainless Steel Rods
- Two Safety Rope Ratchetsare also included to Make Sure The Tray WonʼT Popped Out when Hooked around from Windowand Suction Cups
- Provides a Great Operating Environment Where You Can Get inand Out of The Vehicle with out The inconvenienceof Dismounting The Tray