Foamcore Holder
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KUPO Duck Bill Clamp (Quacker Clamp)


KUPO Duck Bill Clamp

- Color: White(Palte)/ Silver(Clamp)
- Material: Aluminum(Plate)/ Steel(Clamp)
- Mounting: 5/8" (16mm) Baby Stud x 1
- For 4.5" Thick Flat Items
- Weight: 0.89 kg (1.9lb)
Please contact us to check the stock availability before placing the order!
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The duckbill clamp, also known as a Quacker Clamp, Platypus, Onkie Bonk, or Lips, is an excellent tool for securing items such as foamcore, reflector boards, flags, and bounce cards. This quick-setup clamp allows for fast attachment to flat surfaces. The adjustable tension feature is particularly useful, as it prevents damage to your panels while still holding items securely. This clamp features a 7" duckbill plate with a metal jaw and can securely grip flat items up to 4.5" thick. The steel baby stud welded onto the clamp has an embossed neck design for a secure attachment to either a baby receiver or a grip head.
-The duckbill clamp holds things like foamcore, boards, flags, and cards.
-It's easy to put on flat surfaces and has adjustable tension to protect your items.
-The clamp can hold flat things up to 4.5" thick.
-It attaches securely to a baby receiver or a grip head with a steel stud.